Case (12 Bottles) Single Flavor

Case (12 Bottles) Single Flavor


Choose your sauce, and receive a dozen (12) bottles! Great for stocking that pantry.


Molè Inspired:

Uniquely inspired by a Oaxacan Mole Negro sauce, this Carolina influenced mole blend brings the flavor at you in a big way. Sweet and smooth, with a nice hint of chili powders, this aromatic blend really gives you the power to flaunt your kitchen skills. Or just fake it til you make it. Breathe life into your Taco Tuesday at home, jump start that turkey burger, mask that discount steak you thought was a good idea, or even…wait for it…make some cookies that’ll make your grandma blush. 

Tomato Dijon Fusion:

Designed as our original blend, this sauce is our most versatile and is perfect for just about anything. A layered sweetness, built in with a nice punch from a Dijon mustard and various spices, lends itself to being a Best Friend to all meats, fried foods, and even veggies. We don’t skip on our veggie intake…for the most part. So start your day with our official, unofficial brunch blend, glaze your burger, dunk your fries, or sauté your onions and peppers to top a bratwurst. 

Bourbon Honey Mustard:

Made with real bourbon…let’s lead with our best foot forward here. No bourbon flavoring, there’s real whiskey here. A mixed-love child between a Carolina Gold and a Honey Mustard, this blend brings a little something extra to the table: versatility. It’ll always be besties with chicken and pork, but go glaze some salmon, make a salad dressing, mustard fry you something completely unhealthy, and crack open a cold one. A sweetness layered with that nice bourbon and mustard bite, this sauce is all (South) Carolina. 

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