Shipping & Returns


Shipping Domestic

We ship to the contiguous/lower/however-you-want-to-say-it 48 states (and of course DC, we love you DC). But if you're in Hawaii or Alaska and really want some sauce we are happy to work with you.

At the moment, we mostly use the USPS for our shipping. For full case orders we tend to go with FedEx, but we've found the USPS best for the basics.

The shipping rates quoted are standard, but we've already had some unique and unusual shipping requests, so just drop us a line at if you have a question.

Shipping International

Sorry overseas friends; until we can start to bottle to meet international requirements, no sauce for you. We can send you some as a friendly gift (and if you ask nicely who knows, we just might), but we can't legally sell it to you.



But if something breaks in transit let us know and we will do our best to sort things out.