A Primal Ode to Grilling

There is something delightfully primal when cooking a bunch of meat over a wood fired pit. The desire to run around the back yard, pounding my chest and screaming about fire like Tom Hank's in Castaway is real. But my love for this type of cooking extends far past some outdated notion of a connection between masculinity, fire, and grilling. I know many badass women that will whoop my ass over a grill. It's about the flavor you get from that smoke, high heat, and perfectly cooked meat. Plus making a grill is legit AF. 

I did have a stereotypical "bro night" with some of my best friends recently filled with beer, some Savvy Foods products in development, and a makeshift grill our host had whipped up that used some downed pecan limbs from his yard to fuel the evening. 

Marinating chicken thighs (because that's the best chicken cut you can get) in an almost mojo marinade concocted with a super secret Savvy blend and some fruit juices, we set out to have a street taco night. Perfectly grilled by Chef Buster  (along with some chorizo) and served with some diced onion, cilantro, and even some jalapeƱo or queso fresco these beauties were devoured over corn tortillas. BECAUSE YOU ONLY WANT CORN TORTILLAS. SERIOUSLY. LETS STOP WITH THE FLOUR TACOS. Sorry but I had to yell. Too much coffee today, mixed with a deep passion for flavor. 

With great food, a cold beverage, and surrounded by some incredible human beings, you can't go wrong. It's what we love about food and it continues to fuel us at Savvy Foods.  

Joe Sprott