The Flavor-Savors

Flavor profiles for sauces? Check. Latest in Savvy news? Check.


Flavor Profiles:

Tomato-Dijon Fusion

Designed as our original blend, this sauce is our most versatile and is perfect for just about anything. A layered sweetness, built in with a nice punch from a Dijon mustard and various spices, lends itself to being a Best Friend to all meats, fried foods, and even veggies. We don’t skip on our veggie intake…for the most part. So start your day with our official, unofficial brunch blend, glaze your burger, dunk your fries, or sauté your onions and peppers to top a bratwurst. Basically, live your life the Savvy Way!
Mole Inspired
Uniquely inspired by a Oaxacan Mole Negro, this Carolina influenced mole blend brings the flavor at you in a big way. Sweet and smooth, with a nice hint of chili powders, this aromatic blend really gives you the power to flaunt your kitchen skills. Or just fake it til you make it. Breathe life into your Taco Tuesday at home, jump start that turkey burger, mask that discount steak you thought was a good idea, or even…wait for it…make some cookies that’ll make your grandma blush. Without a doubt, this blend is #ACooksBestFriend. 
Bourbon Honey Mustard
Made with real bourbon…let’s lead with our best foot forward here. No bourbon flavoring, there’s real whiskey here. A mixed-love child between a Carolina Gold and a Honey Mustard, this blend brings a little something extra to the table: versatility. It’ll always be besties with chicken and pork, but go glaze some salmon, make a salad dressing, mustard fry you something completely unhealthy, and crack open a cold one. A sweetness layered with that nice bourbon and mustard bite, this sauce is all (South) Carolina. 
Sweet N’ Stout (2018)
Originated from a torrid love affair with Conquest Brewing Company’s Medusa Stout, this blend brings a little spice to your life, then hits you with that Savvy sweetness. Beer, spices, and bold flavor brings that little extra something to your next steak, chicken, or pork marinade. Or sauté your shrimp and those healthy veggies to have a (nearly) guilt free meal. You could go to the opposite end of the spectrum here and dip all the fried food your heart can handle in it…but we don’t condone eating only fried food. Safety first and all. 
Go-To Blend (2018)
Not pinkies out rich, but flavor city rich. This creamy concoction built with chili, garlic & various spices is something you’re going to want to have access to at all times. It’s what oxygen is to you, but for sandwiches and all cuts of chicken plus BBQ. We can’t fully support bringing it into your favorite (or not so favorite) fast food joint to have a chicken nugget cheat day, but we won’t tell anyone if you do. Or save that burger that wasn’t made with…love? Dunk, spread, repeat. 
A Love Letter to Meat(s)
Where would I be without you? You are what give me the strength to get out of bed in the morning. You put a smile on my face when I walk in the kitchen. Your constant support for my career hasn’t gone unnoticed and it is about time that everyone knows how much I truly love you. Not a day goes by that you aren’t appreciated. Thank you. Love, us
***At Savvy Foods we support the farmers out there doing things the right way. We believe in a quality of life for all animals, as we fully recognize they are being raised for consumption, and therefore encourage everyone to do their research to purchase proteins that were raised and harvested in a humane manner. You are supporting not only small businesses, but also ethical farming. 


Savvy press & Events

E.A.T. Foundation Pop-Up Dinner in Fredericksburg, VA

We partnered with the E.A.T. Foundation based in Richmond, VA to bring 25 people together in the President James Monroe Museum garden and served six courses (the oysters were the surprise sixth!) with fantastic wine pairings and a custom cocktail. Stay tuned to E.A.T. for more fantastic dinners, and Savvy partnerships!

Second Supper - Columbia, SC

Partnering with some of the most talented and giving chefs and restaurants in Columbia, SC was an honor for me. Having fallen in love with food while on a family vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico and seeing the impact behind the scenes (and with the inspiration behind so many dishes we all enjoy today) that immigrants have on the food industry-because they, in large part, ARE the food industry-we all felt it was much needed to show our immense appreciation. And with a need in the Columbia area for scholarship funds for DACA recipients, we came together and decided to found Second Supper to assist in the college education of a Dreamer. 
So with full hearts, we set out to fill the bellies of some incredible patrons. A true pop up food festival, Second Supper featured some absolutely delicious meals from the streets around the world. Whether they were traditional, or inspired by, each chef prepared something that spoke to them from another culture. I, Savvy Foods founder/president Will Lacey, prepared three dishes: a sweet potato and ricotta beignet to pay tribute to fried dough around the world, a flavor filled beef skewer from Nigeria called Suya with a ground peanut and spice marinade, and finally chicharrones nachos that saw fried pork skin topped with all the traditional accompaniments of elote (street corn).  
All in all, it was a night filled with amazing food and even more amazing guests. With their generous spirit, we raised a total of $1,577.00 that night. As always, with more to come! 

- Will