Oh hi, Ohio

Savvy Foods is proud to announce that we are now available in Ohio, at the Metropolitan Market in Pepper Pike.

Will Lacey
Charleston Friends, Come See Us This Saturday

We love Mercantile and Mash. I mean, we love all of our fine retail partners, but this post is about an event at Mercantile and Mash. It's a Brunch with Santa. That should be enough already, but if it's not, there will also be some live music (Christmas carols and the like) and... a sauce tasting!

So come on out and see one of the Savvy guys. We are going to arm wrestle or play rock paper scissors or duel with pistols at dawn to determine which of us will be there, because the other one will be outside in the cold at the market in Columbia. Normally that's a hugely fun thing to do, but the low temp early Saturday AM will be in the high 20s. So there's a lot at stake here.

Here's the Facebook event link for Merc and Mash.

One of us will see you there!

Will Lacey
Now on YouTube

We've launched a YouTube channel! Those of you who see us most weekends at Soda City Market or have talked to us at a local watering hole know that we've been talking for a while about getting some video content going.

The way we see it, our sauce can do just about anything, and what better way to emphasize that message than videos of food being made (and made well)?

So head on over to Savvy Foods on YouTube and subscribe. That way you'll get notifications when you log in to watch Marshawn Lynch's Beast Mode Touchdown audio set to Planet Earth Iguana Escape action, or the Epic Sax Guy 10 Hour video, or to throw it back to Powerthirst.

And let us know what you think! We are experienced sauce makers but we are making up this video stuff as we go along.

Will Lacey
We have sauce!

After renting a truck so big that a normal SC drivers license should absolutely not allow us to drive it, we headed to Charleston to collect roughly 5,672 bottles of sauce (give or take a dozen or two). It was fun riding along I-26 at the same height as the 18-wheelers. And as an added bonus, we only almost dropped one of our pallets off the back of the truck, a mishap that would have cost us a quarter of our inventory and most likely one of our co-founders, who would have been crushed (both figuratively and quite literally) by the incident.

But all ended well. So we watched Glengarry Glenn Ross about 5 times and now we sell...

Will Lacey
Production Run Number One Done and Done

With 100 gallons bottled yesterday and another 400 gallons being bottled today, our first production run is in the books. Look for our first two flavors in stores in Columbia on Tuesday (August 30); they'll be available here on our site not long afterwards.

Will Lacey
Just a few weeks to go...

Quick production update: the labels have been printed for our first full production run. The next step is to actually schedule production and get our first two flavors made. We'll be starting with our Savvy Blend, a tomato-dijon fusion cooking sauce, and our Dixie Blend, a molé inspired cooking sauce.

We should have your sauces ready to go for football, tailgating, and Labor Day festivities.

And for anyone who just can't wait that long, come on down to Jake's or shoot us a message and just maybe we can whip you up some samples.

Will Lacey
Now with no High Fructose Corn Syrup

We are quite pleased to announce that we have re-engineered our recipes to eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup. In reality, that's just a fancy way of saying we've found a ketchup we can use that is HFCS-free (and we are ketchup snobs, so this was no small task). It's a step we were always planning to take, but we managed to hit this goal before launching the sauce lines.

What that means is that we'll be delivering a higher quality, healthier product; we do, however, have to get new nutritional analyses done at the lab, so our launch will be pushed back a couple of weeks.

It'll be well worth the wait, however, and we are quite excited about the new recipes. Same taste, better product.

Will Lacey