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Will Lacey, President/Executive Chef

Will began his culinary journey with the creation of his catering and special event company, Yellow Dog Barbecue. Fueled by creative passion, Will's priority has always been the preservation of the simple fun of cooking. In developing the products now offered by Savvy Foods, Will wanted to enable our friends and customers to test their boundaries in the kitchen.

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Savvy, Co-Founder/Chief Canine Emeritus

As the spiritual founder of Savvy Foods, (and Yellow Dog Barbecue before it) Savvy was the original Yellow Dog. Her infectious personality brought together family, friends, and strangers alike and we have used this as an inspiration in the development of our products.

Our Philosophy:


We do not view food as a status symbol, rather as a source of not only nutrition, but a vehicle for interaction. Our favorite memories consist of the dinner table, surrounded by family, friends, and strangers while the dogs patiently wait for accidents. We operate with the belief that business done ethically and responsibly is the only way to go. No pressure tactics or empty promises at Savvy Foods. At all possible moments, we want to know who is using our products and how we can help improve their time in the kitchen. 

So much of what you'll find in the sauce aisle of your favorite grocery store comes from a few major conglomerates. Ketchup or mustard based, slather on those processed sugars and additives, and off to market! You'll find none of that here. Every single product this company produces will be designed individually and from the ground up. We do not offer products that come from a single base, and we never will. Making sure our products are balanced for both simple and complex meals is paramount to our mission. We believe that everyone is capable of more than they may think. This is especially true in the kitchen, as our adaptive products assist even the most novice of cooks become home chefs. 

Have an idea or fun recipe? We want to hear about it!