Tomato Dijon Fusion (Savvy's Blend)

Tomato Dijon Fusion (Savvy's Blend)


Savvy, our Chief Canine Emeritus, was company President Will's childhood dog. This flavor is named for her.

The initial sweetness of this sauce gives way to a tangy finish.

Originally developed as a Kansas City style BBQ sauce, we further refined this blend to make it more versatile. It makes an excellent spread for sandwiches as well as a dipping sauce and traditional barbecue sauce.

Used for cooking, it will braise proteins in a crock pot or finish them off on a grill.

We even love it as an elevated ketchup, using it for fries, hash browns, burgers, and hot dogs.

In the morning, apply liberally to omelettes or scrambled eggs.

It's our original.

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