Molé Inspired (Dixie's Blend)

Molé Inspired (Dixie's Blend)


Dixie is a yellow lab who currently calls the shots at Savvy Foods President Will's house.

Our sauce named for her was inspired by a molé sauce from Oaxaca, Mexico.

We kept our favorite features of molé and trimmed the bits we weren't so fond of (some molé can be a bit bitter and gritty). Quite aromatic, this sauce has notes of coffee, cocoa, and chili peppers, yielding a complex and bold flavor.

Never fear, though, it's not spicy, so if you shy away from hot food you won't have a problem.

It works excellently with BBQ as well as on sandwiches with chicken and turkey. It also brings out the flavors of rich proteins like beef, brisket, and venison.

Grab a steak, rub some coffee grounds and black pepper on it, cook it in a saucepan and add some of Dixie's Blend and you'll be happy as can be.

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