Bourbon Honey Mustard (Toddy Blend)

Bourbon Honey Mustard (Toddy Blend)


Our newest flavor, this is a bourbon honey mustard. We're quite pleased with this guy; it's a kind of hybrid honey mustard and Carolina mustard based barbecue sauce. And, you know, bourbon.

Works with everything from chicken tenders to BBQ to a cordon bleu. If you marinate wild game in it you can mellow the game out a bit. Also perfect for baked or smoked salmon. And let's not even talk about how good it is on pork tenderloin.

This one will go quickly.


*Note: for shipping purposes, we have plastic bottles of this flavor (and soon we will have plastics for our other flavors as well). If you buy from a retail location or from us at a market, you'll likely get glass. We are happy to provide whichever, though, so if you'd prefer glass just drop us a note when you order.

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