Charleston Friends, Come See Us This Saturday

We love Mercantile and Mash. I mean, we love all of our fine retail partners, but this post is about an event at Mercantile and Mash. It's a Brunch with Santa. That should be enough already, but if it's not, there will also be some live music (Christmas carols and the like) and... a sauce tasting!

So come on out and see one of the Savvy guys. We are going to arm wrestle or play rock paper scissors or duel with pistols at dawn to determine which of us will be there, because the other one will be outside in the cold at the market in Columbia. Normally that's a hugely fun thing to do, but the low temp early Saturday AM will be in the high 20s. So there's a lot at stake here.

Here's the Facebook event link for Merc and Mash.

One of us will see you there!

Will Lacey