The Squad


Will Lacey, President/Chef

Will began his culinary journey with the creation of his catering and special event company, Yellow Dog Barbecue. Fueled by creative passion, Will's priority has always been the preservation of the simple fun of cooking. In developing the products now offered by Savvy Foods, Will wanted to enable our friends and customers to test their boundaries in the kitchen.


Patrick Rogers, CEO

A high school classmate of Will, Patrick has worked with startup companies for several years; initially within a nonprofit setting and subsequently more actively as a consultant or co-founder. Previously he earned his Masters degree from the London School of Economics and worked as an economic development research analyst.

Savvy on beach.JPG

Savvy, Co-Founder/Chief Canine Emeritus

Considered to be the spiritual founder of both Savvy Foods and Yellow Dog Barbecue, Savvy was the original Yellow Dog for us. Her infectious personality brought together family, friends, and strangers alike and we have used this as an inspiration in the development of our products.

Our Philosophy

We like to eat and drink. Ask either of us about favorite places we've been, and most likely the story you'll get will involve a meal. Whether it's classic low country SC fare from childhood or street food in Greece, food is central to who we are.

We are also of the opinion that anyone can cook. And everyone should cook. The products we make are designed to enhance even simple dishes. The most gratifying feedback we get from customers is that they've surprised themselves and their guest/kids/whomever because previously they "couldn't cook."

The sauce market has been more or less stable for decades. A few big conglomerates own most anything you'll buy in the sauce aisle of your favorite grocery store (Seriously. Half of it is ultimately owned and made by Clorox. Bon appétit.). And it's all basically the same old variations on a few themes. Tomato based sauces with fake sugars and corn syrup. Honey mustard with fake sugars and corn syrup.

We want to shake that all up. So we are making unique sauces that tie familiar flavor profiles together in new and fun ways.

Welcome to the new world of cooking sauce.


The Sauce Doggos

All of our flavors are named for dogs; each one's personality is reflected in the flavors of his/her respective sauce. Pics and bio coming soon!

From the first production run:

  • Our Tomato Dijon Fusion cooking sauce is named after co-founder Savvy, a yellow lab.
  • The Molé Inspired cooking sauce is named after Dixie, Savvy's niece.

Coming soon, a Bourbon Honey Mustard sauce named after Toddy, one of Savvy's cousins. And after that, a Stout Based BBQ sauce named for a guest chocolate lab, Hank. Hank is the proud owner of Patrick's sister and brother-in-law, though they may like to think it's the other way around.